TAdvOfficePager FIXED TABS


How can I have 2 Fixed Tabs (Tab0 and Tab1), followed by any number of tabs that can be moved to any position but not less than the third tab position?

ALSO - Tab- and Tab1 must remain fixed in their positions.

Fixed tabs are the tabs that do not scroll along with other tabs when pressing the scroll buttons. Fixed tabs are by design the nr. of tabs starting from the (first) leftmost tabs and this number of tabs is set with AdvOfficePager.FixedTabs. If you want two non scrolling tabs at the left side, set AdvOfficePager.FixedTabs = 2.

I tried that. Does not work as expected. I am still able to move the tabs.

Never mind, I shall find another way to offer the Tab Reorder feature.


It was not clear you referred to tab reorder instead of scrolling.
We've investigated this and seen an issue with setting AdvOfficePage.Locked = true. This is fixed now and setting Locked = true will allow you to prevent reordering a tab associated with the page.