Using tabbed pages in a TadvOfficePager. When both properties: TabEdit and TabReorder are true, it is not possible to reorder tabs without also renaming them. Which is annoying...

Any suggestions?

You're correct that the combination of both features was problematic. We've improved this now. The next update will handle this.

OK thank you, I will wait for the update...

Well now, in the release note of TMS Component pack v8.5.2.0 : update Feb 7, 2017
you write:
Update : TAdvOfficePager v3.5.3.0
- Improved : Handling of tab edit & tab reorder simultaneously

In fact, the tab edit function is completely deactivated, disregarding the true/false setting in object inspector. Wouldn't call this an improvement:-((

I have retested this with a default TAdvOfficePager on the form initialized with the code:

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  AdvOfficePager1.TabEdit := true;
  AdvOfficePager1.TabReorder := true;

and I cannot see an issue here to edit the tabs. What's different in your case?

When I comment in again the "if TabEdit then" section in the TAdvOfficePager.MouseDown procedure within the AdvOfficePager unit, then it behaves like before (editing tabs while moving). When I leave it as delivered with v3.5.3.0 and set a breakpoint into the "if TabEdit then" section of TAdvOfficePager.MouseUp procedure, it is never reached and therefore nothing happens.
Didn't try with a new project, as I need it work in my current project...
Here are the set properties from object inspector: http://www.effemm2.de/pics/advofficepager.PNG

Can you please at least paste the property settings from your DFM file here in this forum instead of expecting us to type over all from an image.

ok,ok, didn't think you would recreate my settings...
Here it is for AdvOfficepager:

  object AdvOfficePager1: TAdvOfficePager
    Left = 0
    Top = 244
    Width = 1064
    Height = 435
    AdvOfficePagerStyler = AdvOfficePagerOfficeStyler1
    Align = alClient
    AllowTabUndock = True
    ButtonSettings.CloseButton = True
    ButtonSettings.PageListButton = True
    //deleted the picture.data part
    ButtonSettings.CloseButtonHint = 'Close'
    ButtonSettings.InsertButtonHint = 'Insert new view'
    ButtonSettings.PageListButtonHint = 'select view...'
    ButtonSettings.ScrollButtonNextHint = 'Next view'
    ButtonSettings.ScrollButtonPrevHint = 'Previous view'
    ButtonSettings.ScrollButtonFirstHint = 'First'
    ButtonSettings.ScrollButtonLastHint = 'Last'
    ButtonSettings.ClosedListButtonHint = 'Closed Pages'
    ButtonSettings.FirstButton = True
    ButtonSettings.LastButton = True
    DisabledImages = ImageDataModule.ImageList16d
    DoubleBuffered = True
    FreeOnClose = True
    FixedTabs = 2
    Images = ImageDataModule.ImageList16
    TabSettings.Rounding = 0
    TabReorder = True
    TabEdit = True
    TabReorderIndicatorColor = clGreen
    Text = ''
    ShowShortCutHints = False
    OnChange = UpdateView
    OnClosePage = CloseAdvPage
    OnEnter = UpdateView
    TabOrder = 4
    ExplicitTop = 250
    NextPictureChanged = False
    PrevPictureChanged = False

This issue was caused because AllowTabUndock was also set to true.
Also under these circumstances the problem has been addressed now. The next update will fix this.

OK thanks! Now I will wait for the next update to be released...