TAdvToolPanelTab >> Keep open?

I have a few tabs defined with the TAdvToolPanelTab. They are all sized the same and need to keep at least one open at all times so the screen area occupied by this doesn't collapse. How do you do that as i don't see a "freeze" or locked to property to set?

Locked property is already there, you can do following

  AdvToolPanel1.Locked := True;

Thanks, but when i do this with my app, the panel actually disappears rather then staying locked? Is there a property set wrong?

I cannot reproduce any problem here.
See test project: http://www.tmssoftware.net/public/Project8_1.zip 

Thanks for the sample. that works well. In my app however, i have the TAdvToolPanelTab control inside a  TPageControl and TTabSheet which may be interfering. Would you suspect this to be an issue?

That's likely an issue. TAdvToolPanel(Tab) were specifically designed to be used directly on a form as form hooking is required to make this work properly.

Is there an alternate container i can drop on my tabsheet what would make this control "happy"?

As explained, it is designed to be used on a form.