AdvOfficeTabset Feature Request

I want to display multiple rows of tabs but would prefer to not have the rows of tabs move based on the selected tab (i.e., when the tab position is tpTop, the row containing the currently select tab is always moved to the bottom of the control). I am sure there must be circumstances in which this works well but in my application the movement of the rows is a bit disorienting. Could you allow the rows to be locked?

Thank you!

A bit of clarification by way of an example of what I would like to achieve: with 3 rows of five tabs, tabs 0-4 would be in the top row, tabs 5-9 would be in the middle row and tabs 10-14 in the bottom row. I suppose the difficulty would come in if there are more tabs than there is room to display, in which case it is not obvious how the tabs should scroll. If that a fundamental issue with my request then I totally understand. My alternative might be to use several tabsets stacked vertically.

Multiple rows can be shown when you set AdvOfficeTabSet.MultiLine = true.
The selected tab is always in the bottom row (when tab position = top). This is by design to have the visual effect that the selected tab flows into the (selected) area below the control. Typically selected tab and color of area under the tab control match to give a visual clue they belong to each other.

Your explanation makes good sense. Thank you for considering the request.