TAdvOfficePager - Extreme flicker after TMS Update

We updated our TMS VCL components to the latest version and at this step migrated our application to Delphi 11 too.

The component AdvOfficePager ist working correctly on the main form. But copy&paste the same AdvOfficePager to a Form2 it is flickering.

I tested "DoubleBuffer" and "OptimizePaint" on the form, page control and tabsheet. No effect.

At this time the newly bought components are unusable for us.

Need help urgent!

Thanks in advance.


I tried to replicate this with a default AdvOfficePager on the form, but I was not able to reproduce this.

I will need some additional information on what is on your AdvOfficePager.
Is this in design or run-time?

Hello Gjalt,

thank you for your response!

The first main form is OK. It flickers on the second form, created dynamically.

Please have a look at the screenshot.


Could you send us this sample project, as I can't reproduce it here on my system.

Hello Gjalt,

please have a look at the attached zip.

Maybe it is important – I executed the .exe file on my local machine

-> no flicker.

Testing the same .exe on machines I am connected to by remote desktop

-> flicker!

I also tested the .exe file on virtual machines without Delphi environment, but with remote desktop access.

-> flicker!

This is strange…..


Project1.zip (2.98 MB)

I too have noticed this. As I use RDP to remote into A dedicated Delphi development machine.

If I go to my Delphi 10.4.2 build and much older version of TMS components, no flicker.

Go to Delphi 11 and latest TMS components, the TAdvOfficePager flickers depending on the usage.

Only with RDP usage. If I copy my program ( or Olivers ) to my regular desktop, it looks ok.


Thank you for this additional information. I was able to reproduce this via RDP.

Unfortunately, we will have to contact Embarcadero on this, as we only see this issue in Delphi 11.

We don't experience this problem with the same code on 10.4.2.

And some people have experienced the same problem with Delphi 11 and RDP with other components than TMS components.

OK, thank you for your reply.

What do you think - How long does it take to get an answer from Emba?

1 day – one week – one month – never???

Unfortunately we can´t downsize to Delphi 10.4.2.


I'm sorry, but we cannot predict the reaction from Embarcadero.

vcl - Delphi 11 Alexandria PaintBox flicker in RDP - Stack Overflow

Found this post.

Confirmed it fixes the problem. Comment out the RemoteSessionCheck call and problem goes away.

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Thank you Steven C for the helpful link. It helps a lot!

Although I don´t like to manipulate Emba´s original source.

Hopefully they will fix it……sometimes…..

Thanks for informing!

Yah I don't like to either... but hasn't stopped me in the past. Luckly we get the source to such things so we can fix them and move on with life.

Hopefully if Bruno can twist their arm to fix it officially in A delphi 11 patch soon.

I could not find a QC for it yet.
Would you know if there is a QC for it?
If it is already in QC, we will also vote for it.

Remy Lebeau said in that stackoverflow post yesterday

"A bug ticket was filed, but it is private to their internal system only."

So not 100% sure what means for the rest of us.

Weird indeed.

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