TAdvOfficePager tabs flicker

I just installed the latest TMS VCL UI Pack. On a form I have a TAdvOfficePager with 5 tabs. When I hover with the mouse the tabs flicker. I didn't have this behavior with Delphi 10.4. I switched the project to Delphi 11.1 with the latest TMS VCL UI Pack update.

Do you have an idea?

With this little information, I cannot really say much useful.
A sample source project with steps to reproduce would be useful.

I've attached a demo.

As a basis I have the project
\TMS VCL UI Pack\Demos\AdvOfficeMDITabSet is used.
I put a TADVOfficePager on the child form UOfficeMDITablePage.pas and compiled the project.
I open the child and hover over the tab headers, the tab headers flicker.
AdvOfficeMDITableSetDemo.zip (2.2 MB)

What I see is:

but this is the expected animation effect over the tabs.
So, not sure if you see something beyond what is expected?

oh, sorry, it's a system problem then. Please watch my video. I ported the application from Delphi 10.4.2. There wasn't this problem. The application runs on a Windows Terminal server 2019. Here the application flickers. It doesn't flicker on my local Windows 10 system!

Maybe it is related to:

Thank you that is the solution.
If all problems could be solved so easily. :-)

program AdvOfficeMDITableSetDemo;

  UAdvOfficeMDITableSetDemo in 'UAdvOfficeMDITableSetDemo.pas' {Form1},
  UOfficeMDITablePage in 'UOfficeMDITablePage.pas' {Form2};

{$R *.res}

  Application.SingleBufferingInRemoteSessions := False;  //remove flicker on RDP or VM
  Application.CreateForm(TForm1, Form1);