TAdvOfficeHint and THTMLHint

Hi, I have an application that uses a THTMLHint component top show 'html-ised' hints on some components. We now want to show 'office' type hints on some of our toolbar glowbuttons, so have added a TAdvOfficeHint. However, the office hints only seem to show an asterisk (*). So I was wondering whether these 2 components 'play well' together!!

I wrote a small test app with an OfficeHint on a GlowButton, and a standard hint (but including HTML - in this case a BOLD tag) on a TEdit. I noticed that if the TAdvOfficeHint is created AFTER the THTMLHint, the OfficeHints show ok, however if the TAdvOfficeHint is created BEFORE the THTMLHint, I only see an asterisk! In both cases, though, the hint on the TEdit was displayed correctly in BOLD. I also noticed that if I remove the THTMLHint component, the hint on the TEdit still displays correctly!

So my questions are: Is this the expected behaviour if both hint components are present, and secondly, the fact that the HTML hint displays correctly without the THTMLHint component, do I even need it, if I've also got a TAdvOfficeHint component.

In Delphi, there is only one hint render handler that can be registered and the last registered should be applied. So, unfortunately, you cannot combine both somehow. This is a limitation of how the TApplication class in Delphi handles hint customization.

That's what I thought! Can you just also confirm, if I remove the THTMLHint component altogether, any standard hints with HTML in the text will display correctly as long as I still have the TAdvOfficeHint (this is what I'm seeing in my test app, but just need to confirm)

That should be the case.

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