THTMLHint Hints do not popup

Dear experts,

    <p>in one of my Delphi 7 written programs, I am making extensive

use of THTMLHint (version 1.3) to get some enhanced balloon hints displayed if the
mouse pointer hovers over some components.
I run the generated binary on a windows 7 machine.
Unfortunately, if my application runs in full window screen mode, the
hint balloons do not appear at all.

On the other hand, if I do not run in full screen mode, the hint
balloons are visible and work nicely.

Does someone by chance know if there is some known issue with THTMLHint (or maybe the native DELPHI Hint property) if the developper uses DELPHI7 and WindowsXP to write his application and runs it on Windows 7 (64bits)? On WindowsXP, i don't see any issue, it just works fine.

thanks in advance for any hint.


I have retested this here and I cannot reproduce this problem.

Is this happening also on a new application with a TButton & THTMLHint and a HTML formatted hint for the button?

many thanks for the feedback.
With  a few O(10) Labels or buttons I do not see any issue. It works just fine.
I don't understand why this happens when my application is in FULL screen mode only. If i revert to standard window mode, it behaves as expected.
Do you think, it could be due some issue with running D7 32-bit software on a 64 bits windows node?


I cannot see a reason for using 32bit software on a 64bit OS to be the reason.

Can you put a breakpoint in procedure THTMLHintWindow.ActivateHint(Rect: TRect; const AHint: string); in HTMLHINT.pas to see if this method is called when the hint should be displayed and if so, what is happening in this code when you run this app full screen?

the issue seems not to be linked to the TMS component itself,
I removed the HTMLHint item from the application and do not see any Hint balloon whereas I expect them to popup. Is there some known issue which could point to this misbehavior ?

I'm sorry but 1) I can't see an issue here and 2) I would not know what might be causing this.
Do you see this problem when you create a new application?

I could reproduce the issue with a simple form on which I do have a TButton. I don't think this is connected to TMS, since, when the issue occurs, I cannot see the 'native' Hint as well. Instead, it could be linked to the fact, that I am running on Windows 7 an application compiled with Delphi 7 on Windows XP. As I wrote, if i compile on Windows7 and run on Windows 7, I don't have any issue, I can see the Hint balloons.
Thanks for the feedback that you provided.