Persistant hint as Office Word ?


Is there a component that allows us to display a HINT that does not disappear ?


Maybe a possible solution is THTMLPopup.

You can programmatically show this at the location you want and it will stay visible till you programmatically hide it.

About the OfficeHint field in TAdvGlowButton, is it possible to make it peristant without using a component ?

It would require some code.
From the unit AdvGlowButton, use the class TShortCutHintWindow.
Create an instance, set the text via ShortCutHintWindow.Caption, set parent to the form where it should appear and then set to visible when the Top/Left coordinate was set.

Hi Bruno,

My final solution was to put Application.HintHidePause on -1 like that all my hints are persistant until my mouse move out from my AdvGlowButtons.

I now have an issue on a DLL used in my main application where i put AdvGlowButton with OfficeHints but they are not displayed. All AdvGlowButton have the same config as the ones in my main app.

Is there a way to show an OfficeHint inside a DLL ? Without using "runtime packages" like i found here because it's REALLY not possible in my case.


If you use these hints in both the application and the DLL, I'm afraid runtime packages will have to be used. What is in the stackoverflow post is correct, when you do not use runtime packages, the application and the DLL both have their own copy of the hint (and other) classes.