TAdvGridExcelIO File XLSX

Is component TAdvGridExcellIO compatible with file XLSX ?

I try to import a XLSX file but it doesn't work


TAdvGridExcelIO cannot export/import to XLSX. 
If you want to import .XLSX files, we offer TMS Grid Filters (a free interface between TAdvStringGrid and Flexcel).  See : http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/advgridfilters.asp 

I only have AdvGrid from component pack - NOT THE Flexcel.  I do not think it should be required to have BOTH to use the advgridfilters.  - Can this be changed?  The XLSX support would be nice to have, particularly if it is already done....

my 2 cents

.XLSX is significantly more extended and completely different from .XLS. 
TMS Flexcel was between v3 & v6 completely rewritten to support both .XLS & .XLSX and it is the tool to use for .XLS and .XLSX files support. TMS Grid Filters is a free bridge between our grids and Flexcel and is what we recommend if you need .XLSX support. Otherwise, we would just duplicate about 50% of the Flexcel source in two products, which doesn't make much sense, certainly given the low prices of both products.

I've installed TAdvStringGrid ( AsgSetupReg.zip ) and Flexcel ( flexcelreg.zip ) with Registered version.

But I can't install Advfilters.

When I try to install Advfilters ( run setup.exe )

Error happens with message like this...

'TMS AdvStringGrid is not installed. Please abort this installation,

install TMS AdvStringGrid and try again.'

How can I Install Advfilters?

Did you install TMS TAdvStringGrid also with our automatic installer with the same Windows user account as the one with which you installed TMS Flexcel and TMS Grid Filters? Our TAdvStringGrid installer should have created a registry key HKCU\Software\tmssoftware\TAdvStringGrid that TMS Grid Filters check. Can you verify this registry key exists?