How to set author of saved Excel file?

Sorry, there is at this moment not a built-in feature in TAdvGridExcelIO to set the Author. If you need more extensive control over the created Excel file, please see TMS Grid Filters that is a bridge between TAdvStringGrid & TMS Flexcel to export/import to .XLS & .XLSX with access to an extensive number of Excel file features.

Thank you for reply.
I still have difficulties to get a demo running with AdvStringGrid, FlexCel and advgridfilters.
If I use demo TAdvExcelExport and if I press button "Export XLS/XLSX" error message:
Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 00BA0025 in Modul "SimpleExport.exe" Lesen von Adresse 00000058 occurs.

It seems, that TAdvGridExcelExport is not installed. There are several messages during installation. I don't use original folder recommendation. Maybe, that's the problem.
How I can reset folder for installation. Maybe if I use recommendet folder it will work?

Did you first succesfully install TMS Flexcel?  If a problem persists, I'd suggest to send the installer log file via support email so we can investigate what exactly went wrong during the install. 

It seems, that I found my problem.
Normal I have no admin rights.
So if I want to install some modules, I will start setup and setup is asked me for admin password.
This is not working on my computer.
I have to "upgrade" my normal user with admin rights, install all setups and "downgrade" as a normal user. Then it seems to work.