import/export XLSX to/from the AdvStringGrid

I'm using the AdvStringGrid and the FlexCel.
I want to import/export the XLSX.
So, I installed the TMS TAdvStringGrid filters.
However, the following message is now out in delphi10 startup.
What should I do?

 [Windows Title] Error
   Can't load package C:\.....\Win32\AdvGridExportFilters230.bpl
   Can't load package C:\.....\Win32\AdvGridExportFilters_DESIGN230.bpl

Thanks and best regards,

Do you find the packages AdvGridExportFilters230.bpl & AdvGridExportFilters_DESIGN230.bpl on your system? If not, something must have gone wrong with the install of TMS Grid Filters from our installer with the command line compiler. You could then try to open AdvGridExportFilters.dproj from the IDE and compile & install this package to see if this helps.

Hi Bruno,
I'm sorry.I did not compile them.
I done it , the problem has been resolved.
Kind Regards,