TAdvGraphicCheckLabel lost it's Text


Sometimes, when I open a Form (in Delphi) with a TAdvGraphicCheckLabel
it looses it's Text, but only for Unchecked-State. I can not reproduce it, only
if I copy the component.
I look a little around in your source and find this:

procedure TAdvGraphicCheckLabel.CreateWnd;
  if FDesignTime then
    FStateUnChecked.Text := Name;

What exactly do you want to do with this? I think this will "produce" my problem.
Or is there any need to change the Text randomly (I don't know when it happens,
so for me it is "random"). If anyone want, that the component set it's Text to the
Componentname to see what components needs to be overdone (?berarbeitet),
it would be better when you use a define for this, so a programmer can activate
this (for me really annoying) behavior himself.

Thanks for reading so far and a nice week.
Greetings from germany
 Peter Nomden

This should initialize the text value only when the component is dropped the first time on the form at design-time. 

So, NOT when your form reopens, is reloaded, loads at runtime. In that case it  The FDesignTime flag should only be true for the very first time the control is created on the designer. 
I have retested this once more and so far, I have been unable to see a problem with this.
Is there something special with the form on which you use this component?


I have this problem randomly, so I'm not able to reproduce it for the "when I open the Form"-Problem. It seems to be regardless if I use a TForm, or TAdvToolBarForm, or my own TMyExtForm.
But you should be able to recreate this by copying the component. It was realy annoying to copy this component on the User-Rights-Window where are serveral for "read only", "edit" and "delete" for the rights the user can set in my app. Everytime I have to set the Text again. ... Nevertheless, this is not as annoying as do this randomly on open a Form in Delphi. I have now really much code like this to avoid the users see the Componentname if I oversee a change:

  cbRight_Artice_Read.StateUnchecked.Text := 'Read';
  cbRight_Article_Read.StateChecked.Text := 'Read';
  cbRight_Artice_Write.StateUnchecked.Text := 'Write';
  cbRight_Artice_Write.StateChecked.Text := 'Write';

The work I have with doing that is really boring/annoying/useless/... (call it like you want).
I've the FormSizer on any Form and different Stylers. Also I'm sure I found out, that the Text have changed a long time after it realy happend, so I hope you have a clue for this, I don't have one.

Greetings from germany
 Peter Nomden