Problem with TAdvOfficePager

Hi @all

I'm from germany, so sorry for my english first.
When I close and re-open a project with TAdvOfficePager (Align = Bottom)
(Anchors = [alTop, alLeft, alRight, alBottom]) and a TAdvDockPanel
the OfficePager gets lower and lower (the Top-Value changed).
I've prepared an example at:
I've cut it down for your tests and hope you can open it.
In the given example, you can see the problem by set the Top-Value
of the OfficePager to ~ 120 and then compile and start it.
Then you hopefully are able to see, that the Top-Value has changed
to 170 (Original-Value + DockPanel-Height = 120 + 50 = 170).
For a simple test I've added an ShowMessage(X/Y) in Panel.OnMouseUp.
Please have a look at this and explain me why this "behaviour" occur, or
simple correct it in the next version ;-) ...

Friendly greetings from Papenburg, Germany
==== German "Original" ===
Hallo Leute,

erstmal muss ich mich für mein Englisch entschuldigen, ich komme nämlich aus Deutschland.
Wenn ich ein Projekt Schließe und wieder öffne in dem ein TAdvOfficePager (Align = Bottom)
(Anchors = [alTop, alLeft, alRight, alBottom]) und ein TAdvDockPanel liegen, wird der OfficePager immer schmaler (der Top-Wert ändert sich). Ich habe bereits ein Beispiel vorbereitet:
Ich habe den Quellcode bereits soweit wie sinnvoll gekürzt und hoffe das ihr das
Projekt öffnen könnt. Bei dem Beispiel solltet ihr den Top-Wert manuell auf ca. 120
setzen, das Projekt kompilieren und anschließend starten. Dann seht ihr hoffendlich
schon, dass sich der Top-Wert auf 170 (Original-Wert + DockPanel.Height = 120 + 50 = 170)
geändert hat. Um das schnell nachzuvollziehen habe ich bereits ein ShowMessage(X/Y)
im OnMouseUp des Panels hinterlegt. Sagt mir bitte Bescheid, wenn ihr euch das angesehen
habt und herausgefunden habt warum dieses "Verhalten" so auftritt, oder korrigiert es einfach
in der nächsten Version ;-) ...

Abschließend wünsche ich allen Leserinnen und Lesern noch einen
angenehmen und erfolgreichen Tag.

Mit freundlichem Gruß aus Papenburg (Deutschland)

Set AdvDockPanel.UseRunTimeHeight = false.

If you need this functionality, set this property to true in code, for example in the FormShow event.


ok first thanks for your reply. That helps to avoid the effekt in
runtime, but the problem stays if I close the project and re-open
it. And if you have some time: Can you explain, why such
a behavior is usefull? :-D ...

Friendly greetings from Papenburg, Germany
==== German "Original" ===

zuerst einmal vielen Dank für die schnelle Antwort.
Das hilft den Fehler zu beheben, der zur Laufzeit
auftritt, aber das Problem besteht weiter, wenn
ich das Projekt schließe und wieder öffne.
Und falls ihr noch kurz Zeit habt, würde mich
interessieren: Wozu ist solch ein Verhalten sinnvoll? :-D ...

Abschließend wünsche ich allen Leserinnen und Lesern noch einen
angenehmen und erfolgreichen Tag.

Mit freundlichem Gruß aus Papenburg (Deutschland)

With AdvDockPanel.UseRunTimeHeight = false, I cannot see a problem here at designtime?

Maybe only on DelphiXE?

I have tested this on XE. Closing the form and reopening it later didn't change the form here (when AdvDockPanel.UseRunTimeHeight = false) 

Are you doing something different?

I close the Project I've posted earlier and re-open it.
I've Win 7 (32-Bit) ... It's really annoying to reset the Height
everytime I open these or other comparable forms in my project.
And if I forgot to do so, the programm goes out to our customers
witch are laughing at me: "again?" (at least if they can take a joke)
you know? ... And you can open-close-reopen-close-reopen...
the project from above without such behaviour?

Here is the test project. This opens & closes fine in the IDE without heights changing.

This is with the latest TMS Component Pack v7.1

Hi again,

I've done some more research.
I've the same problem with a TGroupBox (the simple one)
on a TAdvTabSheet (in an TAdvPageControl) with
a TAdvDockPanel with a TAdvToolBar.
It doesn't happen, if the ToolBar or the PageControl
is missing and my friend (who has the same version loaded,
from 30.08.2013, so the version is has the same problem on his machine
(win 7 + delphi xe).
Also I found out, that it is relevant to save the unchanged
unit before you close and reopen it. So
open-save-close-open-save-close for some time
and you can hopefully see the effect.
Can you please test it again with saving it between the close and reopen?

Greetings from Germany

I opened & closed this project about 10 times and the controls are unaffected.

Test project:

If you yust close and open it you are right.
If you don't have the issue when you save it every time
I'm really scewed up. :-(

Any idea, how I can find the error for myself?
Where to set the breakpoints? ShowMessages?
What Values I must compare?

I really don't see how opening & closing it 1 time versus 10 times would make a difference for the control? As it appears to be a design time problem you have, it is hard to debug. 

Is there an Funktion in the component which is called,
if the Design-Form-Thing ist saved? Something like a
"OnSaveTheDFM" or any other place in the code where
the height of any component ist set except the
Property Heigth itself?
As long as my frind has the same issue and it is
reproduceable I'm in hope to find a sollution!
Since I MUST find a solution!

As I explained, I can't reproduce a problem here.
If a problem persists in your app, perhaps a solution is to control the position & size of these controls in runtime via code.