TAdvGlowButton and VCL Style changes

On app startup, I do not have any VCL style set.  During runtime, I change my VCL style to something else (does not matter which style).  When switching back to the Windows default style (i.e. no VCL style), the TAdvGlowButtons do not return to their original startup style as defined by the ToolBarStyler property of the TAdvDockPanel, but instead defaults to the style as if no ToolBarStyler property was used.

I use the bsOffice2010Silver property for my TAdvToolbarOfficeStyler setting.


Just to clarify one thing.  On startup, my default style is set to Windows (not set to nothing).  When switching to a different style and then back again to the Windows style (i.e. the default app configured appearance style) is when the glow button is not going back to using the ToolBarStyler property as it was at startup.

I sent a demo example through support

We have traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.