Styling Dynamically Created AdvGlowButton

I am using C++Builder 10.4.2 and the latest TMS VCL UI Pack. I am using the 64bit platform. I have a VCL form that contains only two stylers AdvFormStyler1 and AdvPanelStyler1. Below is the code I am using to create the form, an AdvPanel and AdvGlowButton dynamically. When I display the form the AdvGlowButton does not change the style. The AdvPanel changes the style correctly. Is there a function to force the AdvGlowButton to update the style before the form is displayed?

//--Create Form_Blank
Form_Blank = new TForm_Blank(Application);
Form_Blank->Caption = "Registration";
Form_Blank->Height = 350;
Form_Blank->Width = 550;
Form_Blank->AdvFormStyler1->AppStyle = MainForm->AdvAppStyler1;

Form_Blank->AdvPanel1 = new TAdvPanel(this);
Form_Blank->AdvPanel1->Parent = Form_Blank;
Form_Blank->AdvPanel1->Align = alBottom;
Form_Blank->AdvPanel1->Height = 41;
Form_Blank->AdvPanel1->Styler = Form_Blank->AdvPanelStyler1;

//--AdvGlowButton 1
Form_Blank->AdvGlowButton1 = new TAdvGlowButton( this );
Form_Blank->AdvGlowButton1->Parent = Form_Blank;
Form_Blank->AdvGlowButton1->AutoSize = false;
Form_Blank->AdvGlowButton1->Caption = "Test Button";
Form_Blank->AdvGlowButton1->Top = 5;
Form_Blank->AdvGlowButton1->Left = 10;

rc = Form_Blank->ShowModal();

You can add the following:
AdvGlowButton1.UIStyle := AdvFormStyler1.Style