TAdvDockPanel has bad VCL Style in modal form

In all my modal forms, the TAdvDocPanel and TAdvToolBars have bad color when using a VCL Style.

For example, I created a test app and have a form with a TAdvDocPanel, TAdvTooblar and TAdvGlowButtons. I also have a TAdvToolBarOfficeStyler set to use bsOffice2010Silver for the DocPanel. I added Windows, Copper and Windows10 to my available VCL Styles.

I then copy and pasted those same controls into a modal form, so all settings should be the same.

When I run the program, I change the style from the default Windows to Windows10. While the main form's toolbar looks good, I open the modal form (created dynamically, not auto-created) and the dockpanel has an orange background for everything (glow buttons are transparent).

Everything is fine when using the default Windows style (i.e. no style). Copper is also bad, but with no color (expected to be the same as the main form).

Delphi 10.4.1

Note: This orange color is new to 10.4.1. In 10.3.3, the color would be white but the whole look to it was still not the same for modal forms as it was for the main form. I could live with that, but now that the color is way off, it is pretty bad. In my main app in 10.4.1 the color is light green, but the test app it is orange. Not sure what that is all about.