TAdvEdit on TTitleBarPanel

I am trying to use a TAdvEdit on the new Delphi 10.4 TTitleBarPanel to allow my users to search for an option in some of the more complex dialogs, as shown in the attached screenshot.

The functionality is there (it works) but the empty text does not appear and there are some weird horizontal bars as can also be seen in the attached screenshot.

My goal is to reproduce the Delphi search toolbar, as shown below.


Sorry we have not tested nor validated this against use on this new titlebar component.
Is this a TAdvEdit with default settings you use?

The one on the right is not.
So, I added a 100% default on the left to see if it made a difference.
Apparently not.

I have been playing with the Embarcadero demo in C:\Users\Public\Documents\Embarcadero\Studio\21.0\Samples\Object Pascal\VCL\Titlebar\TitlebarPanel\TitlebarPanelDemo.dproj and a plain TAdvEdit, and I get the same issues.

I can imagine that to get this new titlebar component working, Embarcadero did a lot of trickery. So, it will require investigation if we can somehow make the features of TAdvEdit work with it.

The TcxButtonEdit is displaying fine on the TTitleBarPanel but getting it to do what the TAdvEdit does is a lot of work sifting through all the multiple properties (often the case with Developper Express).


Has this issue been addressed in one of the recent updates ?
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We have fixed this now. This was now tested against 10.4 and 10.4.1
The next release will address this.


Is it today's update, or the next one ?