TAdvEdit DrawItem

Is there a way to owner-draw the dropped-down lookup items of a TAdvEdit ?
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At this moment, there is unfortunately not a built-in options to make this custom drawn lookup items.
We will make the LookupList a public accessible property and via
AdvEdit.LookupList.ListControl: TListBox, you'll be able to access this and add application level code to perform custom drawing on this TListBox.

Thank you very much, Bruno.

When you have a look at that component again, it might be worthwhile to address issues that have been there for awhile, namely:

• The painting of the control is very wrong when used on a title bar using a TTitleBarPanel component.
• The lookup list drops to the right, regardless if there is enough screen space.
• If you move the form on which the component is, while the lookup list is open, then the list remains in place, all alone, and does not follow the form and TAdvEdit component.

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We've added it on the todolist to investigate these.

I revisited this but

  1. the lookup list drops by default under the TAdvEdit. I cannot see how this would drop the right?
  2. I could not reproduce that the list sticks when the form is moved. Here the lookup list hides as the form is activated to move it.

If a problem persists with the latest version, please provide more details for these items.

Hello Bruno,

Thank you very much for your response.

You are right, I use the TAdvEdit component in many places (including a component that I derived from it) and it all works very well.

What might not have been clear from my first post is that the 3 problems occur in the context where a TAdvEdit is used on a title bar using a TTitleBarPanel component. Did you test these 3 points in that context ?

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