TAdvEditBtn Issue - VCL UI Pack

I'm seeing an unexpected behavior with the TAdvEditBtn controlin VCL UI Pack

When control is configured as follow, the some of the edit text appears underneath the button.  The problem appears both at design time and run time as far as I can tell.

The right alignment is appears to be working, but it is shifted by approximately the button width from the right side.

object AdvEditBtn1: TAdvEditBtn
          Width = 129
          Height = 21
          EditAlign = eaRight
          EditType = etNumeric
          EmptyText = 'Hello'
          Text = '9999999999999999999999999999999'
          Version = ''
          ButtonAlign = baLeft
          ButtonStyle = bsButton
          ButtonWidth = 48
          ButtonCaption = 'CONC'

For some reason, the picture I inserted did not post.  Second Attempt.

The alignment issue also appears to affect the appearance of EmptyText. (Not shown).

Thanks for reporting. We traced & solved this issue. The next update will address this.