TAdvEdit LabelPosition

I am creating runtime AdvEdit controls but I am unable to set the LabelPosition property:

...gives a compiler error:
[dcc32 Error] uToast.pas(62): E2010 Incompatible
types: "AdvEdit.TLabelPosition" and "AdvCombo.TLabelPosition"
I am also creating runtime AdvCombo controls so I wonder if there is some interaction here?  I have a temporary workaround by having an invisible AdvEdit control on the form and taking the LabelPosition property from that at runtime.  This works but isn't exactly pretty!

My guess is that the TMS unit containing the AdvCombo control is after the unit containing the AdvEdit control, so the wrong label position is being picked up.

Try AdvCombo.lpLeftCenter  and AdvEdit.lpLeftCenter instead

e.g. myEdit[nEdits].LabelPosition:=AdvEdit.lpLeftCenter;

Yes, also explained at:


i.e. use the proper namespace for the type