AdvIPEdit label problem

I have an AdvIPedit set as follows.

Label := 'Server IP'
Visible := false

It is made visible if the user enters the correct password in an AdvEdit box.

When the form is first shown, the label is visible, but dimmed, but the AdvIPEdit itself is not.  The label is TopCenter.  It is also showing in the top left of the panel, relative position 0,0.  If I make the edit visible, and then make it not visible, the label disappears.  I would prefer the label not show until the user has put in the correct password.

LabelAlwaysActive is false.  Label is transparent.

Current component pack, Windows 7 Pro 64 bit.

Either I do not fully understand what you are doing or I cannot see a problem.

This was tested here with a default TAdvIPEdit and TAdvEdit on the form and the code:

procedure TForm1.AdvEdit1Change(Sender: TObject);
 if advedit1.Text = 'tms' then
   AdvIPEdit1.Visible := true;

procedure TForm1.FormCreate(Sender: TObject);
  AdvIPEdit1.LabelCaption := 'Server Ip';
  AdvIPEdit1.LabelPosition := lpTopCenter;
  AdvIPEdit1.LabelAlwaysEnabled := true;
  AdvIPEdit1.Visible := false;

and when the password (tms) is entered, the TAdvIPEdit appears as expected, both edit part & label.
Images have been sent via email.

Missing information was that the control needs to be in a container control for this to happen.
We have now fixed this. Next update will address this.

Thanks.  Original post did not stress that it was on a panel, but it did report it in the problem description. "It is also showing in the top left of the panel..."

Yes, you are right, I overlooked that detail of course.