ADVLabelEdit OnChange event

I can't get the OnChange event to fire correctly with this new addon.

If I use an ordinary edit box I can place the contents of what I type into another edit box or label like this:

Edit1.text := edit2.text;

but doing:

AdvLabelEdit1.Text := edit1.text;

doesn't do anything, not even clicking the checkmark that displays to the right.


Either I do not understand your problem or I cannot reproduce this.

When setting AdvLabelEdit1.Text , the OnChange event is triggered.

Try this in the AdvLabelEdit1 OnChange event:

edit1.Text := AdvLabelEdit1.Text;

Now when I type into the AdvLabelEdit1 nothing changes in the edit1 box. However if I enter new data then edit1's text now shows the previous text entered. This isn't what the standard edit box does in the OnChange event. A standard edit box will reflect the onchange as it takes place, ie as you type in one box, the other one reflects this immediately.

Hopefully this made sense.

Can someone try this and confirm the result please?

Just tried this with other edits such as the Tadvluedit and that works as it should. In other words, as I type into the Tadvluedit, in real time the same text appears in the other edit control. The OnChange event doesn't do this with the Tadvlabeledit.

When entering new text into this control, the previous text shows up in the other textbox.

Would appreciate anyone trying this to have this fixed please.

Tested with default TAdvLabelEdit on the form and default TListBox with following code:

procedure TForm5.AdvLabelEdit1Change(Sender: TObject);

and this is showing OnChange is triggered while editing in the control.

Yes that may be ok but if you try the code I've mentioned it doesn't.

All the other edits will update in real time but the onchange doesn't for the advlabeledit.

I'll simplify it even further:

In the onchange event -

edit1.text := edit2.text;

As you type in the edit2 text control, edit1 will update immediately.


edit1.text := advlabeledit.text;

This does not occur.

Please anyone, try this and back me up, thanks.

This helped us to understand and reproduce the issue.
It has now been fixed. Next update will address this.