I'm playing with CloudStorageDemo and while GDrive and OneDrive are working without a problem, I can't connect to Dropbox.

I registered my app on Dropbox, entered DropBoxAppkey and DropBoxAppSecret but whenever I try to DoOath I get the following error:

Exception class EIdSocketError with message 'Socket Error # 10013 Access denied.'.

If I delete the Callback port, I get dropbox login page saying that the app would like access and the errror doesn't happend but instead of logging in on clicking Allow I get the localhost homepage.

Does it have something to do with Dropbox V2 API launched on 4. November?

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You need to specify a callback port. The default callback port for a http link is 80.
I have retested our demo and I could not see any issue here connecting to Dropbox.

If I leave it at 80 the above error occurs.

What should I enter for callback URL?

I tried the default and https://www.dropbox.com/1/oauth2/redirect_receiver with and without a slash at the end.

I entered both adresses at dropbox app settings-redirect URIs but neither is working for me


The error indicates that another service is already using port 80.
You can avoid this by entering a different port number.
Please note that the CallBackURL value must exactly match a value defined in the list of Redirect URIs for your app on the DropBox developer page at:  https://www.dropbox.com/developers/apps


  AdvDropBox1.App.CallBackPort := 8888;
  AdvDropBox1.App.CallBackURL := '';

There does seem to be something wrong with the latest version of the DropBox component. I have tried and old version of my software and all is fine.

With the latest version of the CloudPack I get "Could not bind socket. Address and port already in use".

I also get the same problem if I use the TMS cloud storage demo program.

If I add the callback port and url as described above, I get errors reported from Dropbox


Please note that the TAdvDropBox control has been updated to use OAuth 2 which could explain the difference with the previous version.

Changing the port number in the CallBackURL also means that the reference on the DropBox developer page should be updated. Please see my previous post for details.

All fine now that I have updated the DropBox Developer App data to specify port 8888.



Everything's working now.

Btw. is there a way to know how much Dropbox space is free?

I found AdvDropBox.Info, but what to do with GDrive and OneDrive?

You can do AdvDropBox.GetAccountInfo and then read out AdvDropBox.Info.Quota: double;

Yes, I used it for Dropbox, but is there such an option for GDrive & Skydrive?

This info isn't available in GDrive & OneDrive. When I last checked this, the API didn't expose this info.