OneDrive authentication issues


I'm adding support for cloud storage plateform to a Delphi application. Unfortunately, while I was able to make the DropBox app work properly, I'm unable to use OneDrive. I'm facing several issues:

- Authentication doesn't work. Once I approve  the login, I am presented with a blank page and nothing more. I have replaced the "Callback URL" with the URI provided by the app config page. I have tried it with several application types and tried all the URLs provided by MS: none works.

- (somewhat less problematic) I am not prompted for a username/password and neither I am provided with a "logout" button, making it impossible to use more than one account with the application. I have no clue as to where the application stores its data and how to clear them.

Did you make sure the callback URL config is exactly the same in the OneDrive app setup and via the Delphi component property?
This really needs to be an exact match. On backslash difference can break it.

Yes, the URL in the client is exactly the same, including the character case and ending.

I finally managed to get it work, though, by using the "" URL and using a web app configuration. Anything else failed (, http://localhost:8080/test.aspx etc.)