TAdvDateTimePicker, TAdvTimePickerDropDown

Good morning to all,

i have two little problem using 2 components.

1) TAdvDateTimePicker

With this component, once dropped in a form, while scrolling (with mouse wheel or the keyboard) object inspector i got this error "Invalid type cast".

2) TAdvTimePickerDropDown

If editor is enabled and try to set any hour (with seconds or not, for example 08:30) what happend is: type 0 ok, 8 ok and move to minutes type 3 what happen is an error (invalid argument to time encode) and the time entered is 08:03.

With seconds enabled, this occours with the first number after minutes.



  1. TAdvDateTimePicker

    Solved, there was a conflict with other component, once remove (disinstall) all work well .....

    2) Still remain ...

About 2), I guess this is when you run the app under the debugger and then the debugger shows every exception, also those internally gracefully handled. Can you try to run outside the debugger?

I tried now outside ide and with ide closed and i got the same problem.

In TAdvDateTimePicker it be good if, while typing some number in date/time field, when press enter key the cursor go automatically to next filed.

Thank's for all


We have applied an improvement for the TAdvTimePickerDropDown and its exception handling. The next update will address this.