Good morning to all,

i have a "cosmetic" problem with TAdvDateTimePicker.

Once it is dropped into any form, is visible a little square over second year number (setted as dkDateTime).

It is visible in this picture


Not only, the component is drawed with border even if ctl3D is true.

This in design time.

In runtime, the sqare is present but if we move the mouse over the control, the square will removed as well the control's border line (in my case black border line).

But if you move the mouse into the control AND move it to time portion .... the sqare is redrawed with the control's border line.

Enviroment: Delphi Seattle, last component pack version (at the moment the UI is not installed)

Hope you can reproduce it

Thank's for the attention



I could not reproduce this.
Is this a TAdvDateTimePicker with default settings? What operating system do you use?
Did you test this on multiple machines?

Hi Bruno,

the component is droppend into the form with default setting and the "result" is visible on multiple pcs.

Now i'm moving to 10.3.3 ... so i'm starting from "new".

When i have reinstalled all .... and recompiled the project i'll give you more details.

About tms manager, into the main grid the row regarding new UI compoent is double.

There are some differences?? (i tryed to run both ... but seem ths two row lunch the same installer).

Thank's for all



We see you indeed seem to have TMS VCL UI Pack twice. We will clean this up.
Thanks for notifying.

Hi Bruno,

Delphi 10.3.3, windows 10 pro, last UI version.

After rebuild the project the "cosmetic" problem was gone.

On the other pc, where are installed 10 and 10.2 and the project is under Seattle, the problem persist (it's just to notify).

What i made was

- ERROR to install UI over Component pack (due to distraction)

- Remove both (ui and compoent pack)

- Reainstall Component pack

I did not test it in 10.2 ...

Now it's all clear under 10.3.3

Thank's for all