Good morning to all,

   i used some AdvEditBtn in forms.

When the one of them is called, befeore it will be show, i have this error "Out of memory".

If AdvEditBtn is replace with standard AdvEdit and Speedbutton, this error is not raised anymore.

Someone else have the same "problem"?



I have been unable to reproduce this so far.
Is this related to specific property settings? Do you have step by step information for how to reproduce this?

Hi Bruno,

i have used this component from years without any problem.

After last windows update (windows 7 professional) i get this "problem".

To reproduce, on my pc, new project, drop adveditbtn and run; The error occours.

I think this is windows mattaer ....

Thank's for reply


This is the first time we hear about this issue.
Maybe you can try to create this control at runtime and step through the code to see at what point exactly the error happens and inform us so we can try to find out why it is happening.