TAdvCustomGMail - Receiving GMail Attachments & HTML formatted messages

Given example code for GMail component does not show, how attachments can be received, which is important for me. In addition it looks like that HTML formated emails cannot be received correctly. Even when TGmailMessageType is set to mtHTML, the HTMLBody contains in best case some text fragments. I am using XE5.


  • Unfortunately it's currently not supported to download mail attachments with TAdvGMail in TMS VCL Cloud Pack.

  • Receiving body data of HTML formatted emails is limited with TAdvGMail. We'll have to investigate if this can be improved in a future version.

  • Please note TMS FNC Cloud Pack already contains support to download mail attachments and has improved HTML body handling as well.
    However TMS FNC Cloud Pack is only supported in Delphi XE7 or newer.

Hello again,
what can I say, I bought TMSCloud VCL just for its Gmail features, only to find out that basic features are missing or buggy.

My requirements for this library are really not high:

  1. writing HTML email messages with file attachments
  2. reading HTML email messages with file attachments
  3. deleting emails

In the meantime, I have found out that only writing emails is fully supported. When reading emails, only plain text seems to work. Attachments cannot be received. There also seems to be no API support for deleting emails on the Gmail server.

Even though Gmail is only a small part of the overall package, I am very disappointed with what I got for the money.

I have already found two errors in the GMail source code and corrected them myself.

As I only own Delphi XE5, I had decided to use this VCL library. It would be more fair to write somewhere that GMail can only be used in a very limited way under VCL.

Since I had to adapt to the given circumstances, I have now added the missing function for downloading attachments to the library myself, which took me 2 days including initial work and testing.

Someone who has programmed the library could certainly have done it in one day or less, which is why it is all the more incomprehensible to me that there is no one at TMS who has been able to take care of the matter so far.


Your remarks are valid, however please consider the following:

  • TAdvGMail was primarily designed to send emails. Up until now we hadn't received any requests to improve HTML body handling when receiving mails. Note that this (together with attachment downloads) is already pro-actively handled in TMS FNC Cloud Pack. Unfortunately TMS FNC Cloud Pack is only supported from Delphi XE7 due to technical limitations of the Delphi framework.
  • Error reports are always investigated and we try to resolve these as soon as possible provided that the error can be reproduced and is related to a TMS product.
  • Before we can implement extensions and/or enhancements this needs to be discussed with the development team to determine if these can be added to the planning without compromising other ongoing projects.
  • The missing features you are referring to are not mentioned in the documentation available here:
  • A fully functional trial version which can be used to determine if the product meets your requirements is available from the product page:
    TMS VCL Cloud Pack Seamless access to a wide range of popular cloud services from Windows applications

Thank you for the detailed explanation, to which I would like to respond with the following little parable.
You want to buy a new car and after several comparisons you decide to go with the market leader because you expect the best quality and support from them. Of course, you don't want to buy a pig in a poke and arrange a test drive with the vehicle.
During the test drive, you find no problems with the car, whereupon you order it bindingly.
After a month, you can pick up your new car from the dealer and you are already looking forward to your first trip with the car, which you intend to use mostly for business transport. Your diary is accordingly full of jobs that you have to do with the vehicle. Unfortunately, when you use the car for the first time, you realise that it cannot reverse. Unbelieving that this function could be missing, you contact your dealer, who informs you that this function is not included because no customer has asked for it yet. You are also told that you have had ample opportunity to test the car during the test drive. As an alternative, another car from the manufacturer is recommended to you, which has the missing functions (because it was curiously noticed there that something was missing from the range of functions). Unfortunately, however, you do not have the appropriate driving licence for this particular model.
:joy: :oncoming_automobile: :wink:

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