Saving TAdvGmail Attachments

Hi All,

How do I go about retrieving/handling attachments for emails that I have received using TAdvGmail.GetMails?

I can happily connect to a GMail account and retrieve messages but cannot see how save any attachments in those messages.

The documentation indicates AdvGMail.Mails[].FileName but this is always blank.
Where am I going wrong for this one?



Unfortunately it's currently not supported to download attachments from messages.
However this is a good suggestion and we'll consider adding this feature in a future version.


I just purchase the VCL Cloud Pack and tested the TAdvGMail component.

When do you plan to implement the possiblity to download attachments ?

Moreover, I have some difficulties to receive emails that are not 100% plaintext; is it normal?


Downloading attachments is on the feature-request list, however there's currently no timeframe available for when this is going to be added.

We are not aware of any issues with retrieving plaintext emails. Can you please explain exactly what is going wrong?

I have tested and configured the GMailDemo project.

I can see all my emails in the INBOX.
But when I select an email, if there is an attachment or richtext, the TWebBrowser does not load anything.

This issue has now been fixed.
The update will be available with the next update of TMS VCL Cloud Pack.

Woaw, nice reactivity!!

It would be really perfect if downloading attachments was on the next update too :)

The next release for TMS VCL Cloud Pack is planned for early next week.
Unfortunately downloading attachments with TAdvGMail has not yet been implemented in the new release. However, this is still on the feature request list for a future version.