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I have a problem with the file download in google drive. if I download a file larger than 500 MB, I have an insufficient memory error and the file is not released by the process.
This problem also exists in the demo version of CloudStorageDemo.

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The TMS VCL Cloud Pack update (v4.0.3.2) that was released earlier today improves the behavior when downloading very large files.
Can you update to the latest version, make sure TAdvGDrive.Logging is set to False and try again?

Thanks a lot, it's OK.


Thank you for notifying the problem was resolved.

When I download an xml file from the GDrive API through the TAdvDrive component, the file is being downloaded with its incorrect content.

inside the tags of the downloaded xml file a message from Google Drive appears informing me that my computer or network may be being used for automated queries and that to protect our users we are unable to process your request at this time.

do you know how to tell me what to do to be able to download xml files normally?

note: I"ve been using this component for 2 years and always managed to connect to the Google Drive API and download and delete files normally.

We are not aware of issues with XML files.
Is this issue unique to XML files? If so, I'm not sure why Google would return XML files in a different way.

I work exclusively with xml files. I can't tell if Google Drive is having problems with Downloading other types of files.


i'm having the same problem, it's 5-6 days now. The files that i'm tryng to download are .zip , different sizes, from approx. 500 KB to 10 MB.

I'm using now VCL Cloud Pack, but it's the same with a previous version (the
Enabling the logging, i receive this message:

20200208T212817:HTTPS GET RESULT:<html><head><meta http-equiv="content-type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8"/><title>Sorry...</title><style> body { font-family: verdana, arial, sans-serif; background-color: #fff; color: #000; }</style></head><body><div><table><tr><td><b><font face=sans-serif size=10><font color=#4285f4>G</font><font color=#ea4335>o</font><font color=#fbbc05>o</font><font color=#4285f4>g</font><font color=#34a853>l</font><font color=#ea4335>e</font></font></b></td><td style="text-align: left; vertical-align: bottom; padding-bottom: 15px; width: 50%"><div style="border-bottom: 1px solid #dfdfdf;">Sorry...</div></td></tr></table></div><div style="margin-left: 4em;"><h1>We're sorry...</h1><p>... but your computer or network may be sending automated queries. To protect our users, we can't process your request right now.</p></div><div style="margin-left: 4em;">See <a href="">Google Help</a> for more information.<br/><br/></div><div style="text-align: center; border-top: 1px solid #dfdfdf;"><a href="">Google Home</a></div></body></html>

Regards, ciao !


Maybe this could be the reason (the access token in the query) ?

no, sorry for the wrong indication, the above limitation it's only for alt-media files.


Thank you for notifying. The download problems are indeed caused by a recent change in the Google Drive API.
This issue has now been fixed and the update will be available with the next TMS VCL Cloud Pack release.
Hi Bart, thank you for the fix.

Now that the problem has been identified and fixed... do you know approximately when will be released the next version ?

This problem has blocked the usability of one of my software, and i have a very angry customer.

If you already know that in 2-3 days the next version will be released, ok, i think that i can convince my customer to wait.
If you don't know the release date or if it's too late (only for my necessity, no pun intended), i have to find some workaround, so it's better that i start immediately.

Thanks as always


The TMS VCL Cloud Pack release is planned for later this week.
You can request an incremental source update by sending an email to

Thank you Bart, i will send the request immediately.


I have more than 20 companies to serve. Totaling more than 60 accounts to download 24 hours a day.
I need this update urgently !!!
I am downloading thousands of files manually and there are more than 60 GDrive accounts. 
It takes me more than 5 hours a day to download these files.
Please ask for the greatest urgency in the release of this new version.

You can request an incremental source update by sending an email to
The source update will be provided as soon as possible (typically in less than 24 hours).
Please note that the build process to release an update takes some time and work. Also, other products have already been scheduled for release before TMS VCL Cloud Pack.