How to read attaches of GMail message?

Hi, I need to read messages attachments sent to GMail account. I decided to use your TMS VCLCloudPack because of TAdvGMail component. It is easy to send mails with attachments, but how to read them?
If it is not available (is it possible?), when do you plan to implement it? It became very important and urgent from the moment Google changed the policy of authentication at the end of May 2022 and SMTP and POP3/IMAP methods can not be used anymore.

Thanks in advance!


Please note that it is currently not supported to read attachments with TAdvGMail.
Unfortunately there are currently no plans to implement this feature in TMS VCL Cloud Pack.

However this functionality is already available in TMS FNC Cloud Pack.
More information and a fully functional trial version are available here:

If you would decide to migrate to TMS FNC Cloud Pack, you can contact for the best possible offer to convert your current license.