Tab navigation. When I click on a tab eg contacts the url shows as If I use this url in another tab the page navigates back to the initial state.

How do I create an Href to this tab please

You'd need to extract the URL hash, for example in the form's OnShow event and set the index of the pagecontrol to the desired tab.

Sorry not understanding.

How do I 'extract the URL hash' then use it?

I thought should take me to that tab.

Can you expand please.

It will not automatically preset a tab index based on URL.
window.location.hash returns the hash and this you can check in the form's OnShow event

If I use show message(window.location.hash) on the client tab onShowEvent I get #Clients If I then use or TMS Web Project it docent goto the the client tab.

What am I not understanding here please.

Again, it does NOT do this automatically for a pagecontrol. You will need to programmatically get the hash, find the corresponding tab index and programmatically set the tab index.

webControlMain - WebPageControlEnquuiry (PageIndex=4)

I know I can use code webControlMain.TabIndex := 4

If I use
showmessage(window.location.hash) Is this correct ?

I get #Contact

What is the URL syntax for this please.

You will need to do something like

if hash = '#Contact' then pagecontrol.tabindex := ..

I am trying do do a Direct link using a url.