Tab order

How make tab order of a (popup) form without html file ? i've set a tab order of edit and buttons but the sequence is not as expected and mouse go out of form.


In a browser, the tab can always go out of the form to the browser nav bar. This is in web applications running in the browser an expected behavior.
Other than this, tab order is controlled with the property control.TabOrder / control.TabStop like in Delphi.

ok there is anyway to have same behavior of a normal (vcl) form with components in delphi ?

What exactly do you mean with same behavior?
If you mean "disable tab to navigator", then the answer is no, this is an essential UX requirement that the navigator is a reachable UI element.

What exactly do you mean with same behavior?
navigation in an ordered sequence on the same form, simple ! I remember UniGui, on a sample application, do this also with Return Key too. In a management data is important to navigate througth the field/edit components without mouse because is too comfortable so for the user !

As mentioned, using TabOrder lets you move focus between controls on the form with one difference from VCL, after visiting the last control, the tab will move the focus to the browser address bar.
We have not implemented a focus change upon pressing return. This is not standard browser behavior. You could add such capability by implementing the control's OnKeyPress event and move the focus from there.

If you do not care about breaking basic browser accessibility, this might be interesting reading: