Tab blocked by ReadOnly (54.5 KB)

We have noticed that when cells are in ReadOlny, the tab (goTabs) does not work on the TAdvColumnGrid component.

We created an Example project to focus the problem.

Can you watch this?


What do you understand as "does not work"?
I see you make ALL cells read-only and that means there are no cells that can be visited when all are read-only and this is also what I see happening in the sample project you included.


Indeed, the cells cannot be visited. We have deactivated the tabulation to no longer have the crash.

The problem is the following: If tabulation is enabled, when all cells are in ReadOnly and we tabulate, the program crashes.

This crash is observed on the TabEdit function with the repeat loop on line 39280 in the AdvGrid.pas form.

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I could not see an error with this test with the latest version of TMS VCL UI Pack.
Did you make sure to test against the latest version?