SyncGrid and scroll wheel

I am using a pair of TAdvColumnGrids to synthesize the appearance of locked columns, as in Excel. The synchronization is fine with keyboard events, but with the use of the mouse wheel, one grid seems to lag the other. The grid which is synchronized to the one being scrolled shows the selected row as one or more behind the selection in the grid which is being scrolled. Is there any remedy for this? 

No problem can be reproduced here with two TAdvColumnGrid instances on the form initialized with:

  advcolumngrid1.RowCount := 1000;
  advcolumngrid2.RowCount := 1000;
  advcolumngrid1.SyncGrid.Grid := advcolumngrid2;
  advcolumngrid1.SyncGrid.ScrollVertical := true;
  advcolumngrid2.SyncGrid.Grid := advcolumngrid1;
  advcolumngrid2.SyncGrid.ScrollVertical := true;

I have e-mailed a sample project to you.