DBAdvGrid not synchro

On my tests, I use Access database.
So, TDBAdvGrid with PageMode property is set true and DataSetType is set to dtNonSequenced.
If I navigate with the keyboard or the wheel of my mouse, the datas are synchronised with the screen but if I click with the mouse, the row is selected on the screen but the database cursor don't move.
What's wrong?
It's a bug?



(sorry for my english)

I cannot reproduce such issue. To test, I added two extra DB-aware controls on the ADOEditing demo and with mouse click, keyboard and mousewheel, this does always move the DB cursor here.
Our test project:


What is different in your project?

I solved the problem, it's Mouseactions.TouchScroll := True; !!!!
Why ? I don't know. Is it a bug?

TouchScroll = true let's you scroll through the grid without changing the actual selected row, so the active record doesn't change in this case. This behavior is by design.