SVG image editor recommendation please

For TMS VCL users can you recommend a SVG image creator / editor. I am looking for the most compatibility with the TMS VCL components. Thanks.

We typically use stock SVG icons and when modifications are needed, use an online tool such as or or when it concerns simple things with a plain text editor. Most likely there are better desktop applications, but we haven't used them.

Commercial: Adobe Illustrator

Open Source:

I would also mention Affinity Designer for a commercial SVG solution, which costs less for a perpetual license than a few months use of Adobe Illustrator. But you should also check the documented supported features for TMS SVG first; while this is excellent and convenient for relatively simple SVG icons, you may find when using either of these commercial solutions, or Inkscape, that your SVGs start to gather features which are not fully supported by TMS. Bruno's suggestions may be more useful since you mention compatibility with TMS.