SVG image collection


I just gave a try to the new SVG image collection...

this is original SVG as it shows in every SVG editor or browser:

and this is how it looks in TMS SVG image list:

It looks that the SVG engine is very limited, the idea is nice, but the SVG drawing is really poor

This is mentioned in the documentation. SVG engine is limited. Gradients and Patterns are not supported. Presumably, the SVG icon that you want to load contains gradients or shaders.

then it is pretty useless then for everything but metro style

I have the same issue. I was excited by the idea of having SVG support fully integrated with the UI components we use. But none of the SVG files we would want to display are rendered correctly.  It's not just shading; text overlayed on the graphic appears in the wrong size and the wrong place, and the quality of the rendering is poor.  We already use an excellent SVG library for one of these images, the main logo, and will continue to use it as we extend the use of SVG in our applications. The EXE file is even a bit smaller with this library than when TMS mis-renders the image. We might switch later if TMS extend their SVG engine, but as it stands, this is not a feature we can use in our environment.  I can see it may have some value for a few simple applications, though.

We aimed for smaller simple toolbar related icons, such as the Office 2019 icons to enhance applications and to target high DPI applications without the need to specify multiple PNG files for various DPI scales. This is/was the initial 1.0 approach. There is a lot to cover and we will continue to enchance the SVG engine in the future.

Thanks for confirming that; I will look forward to hearing more.

I have a similar issue, but already with the most basic SVGs, without any gradients or the like.
I tried everything I could to simplify the SVGs (if that's even possible) but no luck.

This is what the SVGs look like in the Virtual Imagelist:

And this is what they should look like:

This is from the SVG checker from Wikimedia
I checked them successfully with the old and new version of the SVG checker tool, the browser also loads the files correctly.

I run RadStudio 10.3.3 on Windows 10 with the latest TMS VCL UI Pack.
The SVGs were created in Inkscape and stored (and tried) as both standard SVG and Inkscape SVG.

Sidenote: I purchased the upgrade from the TMS components mainly because of the inclusion of SVG support. The fact that this isn't working with the most basic SVG files is a big disappointment.
The image upload won't work for me so here is a link with the two images.

Can you send us a project with those SVG files?

I sent a test project with the SVGs to the help address.


We have addressed the issue. The next version will have this fixed.