Issue with SVG support

Hi all!
I need to show an SVG on my FMX app. I've tried with TTMSFNCImage assigning the SVG trough the Bitmap property but it doesn't show the SVG in the right way.
I've also tried filling a TTMSFNCBitmapConta
iner but on the TTMSFNCImage component I can't find the property to chose the SVG.
Is this SVG not supported or I am doing it wrong?

I've attached the svg and screenshot of the IDE using TTMSFNCImage. (10.8 KB)


SVG support is limited.

Meaning, the initial target for SVG support coming with all of our FNC products is for smaller toolbar icons only. We meanwhile added a lot of improvements and features, but text rendering is not included yet.

Hi! Thanks for the explanation.
But in that svg, the text is not represented by tags. There are other unsupported tags?

We don't have a list of unsupported tags.