Support for WebSockets

It would be a great enhancement for Sparkle and Aurelius (XDATA, RemoteDB), if the library would support WebSockets.
Because it where possible for the server to inform the clients that data has changed for example.
esegece has a very nice solution, supporting also Dataset updates, but there is no connection with Aurelius possible (easy way).

Support WebSockets in Sparkle/XData to allow real-time bidirectional communication between client and server.

It would be very nice to have a websockets layer added to Sparkle component (to add bidirectional communication).
The suite of web services components is already amazing, it would become almost perfect ;o)

I need that feature. As TMS does not have, I have used mORMot for this. From the moment TMS implements, I won't need to use two frameworks for this

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Hi Wagner
I also voted for this feature that is a perfect addition.
Today on TMS website I read about the new product (FNC websockets) which has websocket server feature build in. So can you comment is it still on your radar for Sparkle/XData or TMS's advise is FNC for this feature?
Thanks in advance

Yes, it's still on radar, they are similar things for different purposes/usage.