FNC Map Install Fail

I've updated all my FNC packages, and now get this when trying to install FNC Maps V1.0.0.0:

"WARNING: Different FNC Core ( installation found, please update the TMS FNC Core to version"

Seems odd that it wants me to go back from to !

Is there a workaround or does the FNC Map installer need fixing?


Please re-download both TMS FNC Core and TMS FNC Maps

Thanks Pieter, that worked.  I normally use the subscription manager, but manually downloading those 2 installers and running them worked.

Thanks for confirming. After one product has been downloaded while the others are still uploading this will affect the subscription manager in flagging a product that has not been updated yet. If TMS FNC Core is updated (which happens first, all other FNC products will be updated). Please await when other products are updated before downloading them.