Styling TAdvControlDropdown fram client

I've just started to use the the TadvControlDropdown with embedded frames, to clear my main forms of lesser used fields. It works great, but I'm, at a loss on how to style the frame.

When I use embedded frames on a form, I can call the form's FormStyler.ApplyStyle function and the frame gets styled. But this doesn't appear to work with frames embedded in a dropdown. And I can't add a second FormStyler to the frame.

Is there any way to apply styles to a frame being used as the control in a TadvControlDropDown?


I use a TadvPanel on the frame, along with a panel styler on the frame. Then when I create the frame in the BeforeDropDown routine, I set the styler on the frame to the same style as the parent form. Works a treat.

  FDisposalView := TDisposalView.Create(nil);    // Create the frame
  FDisposalView.SetStyle(PanelStyler.Style);      // Set the style to the style of the calling form
  cddDisposal.Control := FDisposalView;            // Assign the frame to the DropDownControl

Thanks for informing a solution was found.