Control stylers and frames

I'm currently reworking my application to use the TMS office controls - bringing it into the 21st century. I'm using the FormStyler and related stylers throughout the app but I'm unsure of their use on frames.

Do I need a FormStyler and related stylers on each and every frame, or will the controls on the form hosting those frames suffice? Let's say I have a form with an Office page control and five pages. Each of those pages will host a frame (and some of those frames will also host frames) - will the FormStyler, MenuOfficeStyler, OfficePagerOfficeStyler, etc. on the form control any TMS components on the embedded frames, or will I also need to duplicate these controls in each frame?.

Similarly, but in reverse, if I create a base frame which includes all of the stylers and inherit my other frames from this, will having multiple controllers on a form cause a problem?


TAdvFormStyler should not be repeated on frames. When a style is applied, it should also apply it on controls used on frames in the form. Make sure though to set the style AFTER the frame was hosted on the form.