strange behavior

I have html template

<li><a id="Dashboard1" href="" class="waves-effect">Version 1</a>
<li><a id="Dashboard2" href="" class="waves-effect">Version 2</a>

i drop on form one TWebHTMLAnchor and bind to element Dashboard1.
OnClick event simple Showmessage (ancDashboard1Click event)
On WebFormCreate event i write next code
try to bind event from first control to second
if i click on first control, all fine, message dialog
if i click on second link, message show to but application reload after click ok in message dialog.
why different behavior?

The standard JavaScript click handler will call PreventDefault that will stop the default handling of navigating to a link (i.e. here the same page).
Just binding the event handler via addEventListener() bypasses this default behavior.

how i can disable this default behavior in binding mode?

There is currently not a setting for this. We'd need to introduce a property or another mechanism for this.