Status of non-visual JS APIs?

In a reply to a question I posted on the blog in late April, Bruno said the next version of Web Core would have support for several non-visual JS APIs. There have been two releases now, and I'm wondering if these have been released yet, and if so, where can they be found? If not, is there a new ETA? I'm particularly interested in the WebAudio API.

There are already many APIs exposed as Pascal classes, methods, ..

There is a unit webaudio.pas in the RTL folder that wraps the JS WebAudio API

There is webrtc.pas for exampel to deal with WebRTC, there is webbluetooth.pas to deal with WebBluetooth etc...

Awesome! I had no idea. Thanks!

Are there any demos that show how to use these non-visual libraries? Or is it just a matter of adding a lib to the Uses clause and then working with it? Anything that needs to be included in the project or search path to get access to the original JS code? Or is all of that hidden?

There is a demo for WebBluetooth.

This demonstrates WebRTC

We do not have a demo yet for WebAudio.