Use of Javascript third-party libraries

Hi, there is a way to use javascript third-party libraries in TMS web core? I have a library of components developed by my company and I'll try to use it with TMS web core.

Highly depends on how these JavaScript libraries are written.
Way with least barriers is to directly write JavaScript code accessing these libraries from an ASM/END block in your Pascal code.


thank’s for your reply, the libraries are a set of components like buttons, sliders etc. based on LitElement.

If you want I can send to you the library to check if it is possible to use with TMS webcore…



  1. In TMS WEB Core framework itself there are several components wrapping existing libraries, such as Google Maps for example of the wrappers for jqWidgets jQuery controls, it should be possible
  2. The source code for these wrappers in TMS WEB Core is available, so you can study how it works.
  3. There is chapter on component writing in the PDF developers guide
  4. There are more free samples with source code of components wrapping all kinds of existing functionality offered as JavaScript libraries at

Thank’s Bruno,

I’ll check it