Start tms.exe twice simultaniosly


for double speed I've trieed to install flexcel and vcluipack simultaniosly by starting tms.exe twice in two terminals on the same machine.
Thats possible, but I'm getting build errors as the package installation is not seperated.
You should either avoid the posibility to start the tms.exe twice or the both instances shouldn't mix up the package building.


Indeed, if you run 2 tms instances in the same folder you are going to run into issues. But, there is no need at all to do that, if you just run tms install tms.flexcel.vcl,tms.vcl.uipack and it will install both in parallel.

Avoiding a second copy in parallel seems overkill, since you can ran 2 copies at the same time as long as they are in different folders. Maybe we could 'lock' the folder so we don't run 2 tms in the same folder. But again, the one of the main points of the tool is that you don't need to run instances in parallel, it runs in parallel by dafault.


Ok, got it.
My problem was, that

tms install tms.flexcel.vcl, tms.vcl.uipack
does not work because of the space-char.

Thank you.

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