Some controls look bad with Component Pack

Component Pack
Delphi 10.1 Berlin
Windows 7 x64

After upgrading to TMS Componsnt Pack, some controls now look ugly.
For example, AdvOfficeRadioButton, AdvOfficeRadioGroup, AdvOfficeCheckBox (and the DB aware counterpart) and possibly more now have a bigger pixelated box.

If we put the Themed property of those controls to True, they look fine but we didn't have to do this before. Is this intended? We don't want to change this property all over our application if this is something you can fix.

Looking at the release notes, could this have something to do with the new high DPI support?

To reproduce, simply create a new project and drop a few of those controls on the form.


This issue was internally already fixed. Contact us by email if you need an urgent incremental source update.