SmoothPanel and CurlyPanel rounded corners problem


I have noticed that a curlypanel owned by a form or owned by another curlypanel will nicely show its rounded corners. 

But if a curlypanel overlaps another curlypanel but is not owned by it, the corners of the overlapping panel do not look good.  The underlying rectangle appears to show through.  This is for me a serious problem.

I have a project, an exe or can make a picture that will illustrate the behavior.  Its very simple.  I can show the behavior with both an AdvSmoothPanel and a CurlyPanel. I don't know how to share attachments except by email.

I also want to reference the topic:

TadvSmoothPanel transparent edges  

because I think part of the thread was discussing a similar problem.

This is a pretty serious problem in my using these components. I appreciate anyone's ideas.

Hardee Mahoney

Washington, DC

Resolving the corner transparency is done in a child /
parent relationship. That means the panel will resolve the transparency with
its parent panel. When you overlap these panels, the parent of the panel is the
form and not the panel it overlaps with , hence, it won’t work to resolve
corner transparency. The panel is designed to be placed entirely on a single

By design and has been explained in detail in response to a similar email you sent directly.